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ProTUBE specialise in exceptional machines, processes and innovative solutions. We are focused on delivering state of the art, ground breaking and customised technological solutions in partnership with our customers, meeting their ever rising demands and challenges to remain ahead of the competition.

Large Milling &
Boring Machines


ProTUBE specialise in the supply of advanced technology and high performance milling machines, milling-boring machines and milling-turning centres. We offer reliable, tailored solutions geared for productivity and efficiency.

Large milling and boring machines
Vertical lathes

turning, grinding, milling, drilling, etc.
Bed type, travelling column,
floor type, horizontal
and multifunction
milling/turning centres

machines for ultimate efficiency
Large milling and boring machines
Vertical lathes
Deep Drilling


We supply deep hole drilling machines together with the appropriate deep hole drilling tools. The experience derived from our principal service for sub-contract deep hole drilling, makes us a highly competent partner for our customers. Heat exchanger plates, hydraulic cylinders – landing gear, casting die, turbine rotor, etc. Special applications or workpieces need specific solutions – twist drills, gundrills or high speed gundrills; drill bush or pilot hole; minimum quantity lubrication, or coolant lubrication; gantry, manual or robot loading. With our production program we always have the optimal solution to suit your individual requirements.

Portal or gantry
design machines

inc. full range of tooling accessories
Deep drilling machines
Deep drilling machines
Deep drilling machines
Deep drilling machines
Deep drilling machines
Tube, Bar & Plate


Danobat has become the benchmark in both vertical and horizontal bandsaws with references in leading manufacturers throughout the world. The company’s strategy is to focus on niche applications for high technology products and deliver customised solutions developed for the most stringent bandsawing processes. The latest technologies are utilised to achieve the highest rigidity and precision. Modularity in the design makes it possible to achieve the shortest lead time and optimum cost for a machine made to order.

Horizontal bandsaws
Vertical bandsaws
Horizontal bandsaws,
Vertical plate bandsaws

automatic & semi automatic models
Vertical bandsaws
Horizontal bandsaws
Vertical bandsaws
Heavy duty bandsaws

transfer and gantry systems
Heavy duty bandsaws
Heavy duty bandsaws
Heavy duty bandsaws
Heavy duty bandsaws
DANOBAT machines
provide quality, ergonomic
solutions with powerful,
user friendly software.
bending & forming


As a leading company in the global market, ProTUBE is repeatedly setting new benchmarks in the metal forming industry. Alongside the supply of individual machines of all sizes, ProTUBE specializes in the development of technically complex and tailored solutions. ProTUBE together with their partners provide high-tech solutions for most production sectors.


Bending Specialists
road/railway tankers
Plate bending machines

universal, 3 roll, 4 roll, special
pressure vessels
earth moving
dished heads
Special forming machines

dishing, flanging, straightening,
calibrating, upsetting
wind towers
Section bending machines

universal, 4 roll, special, tube coil
Production lines

wheel rims, tanks
wind turbine tower sections

Circular & Long
Seam Milling
Machines, Weld


These machines are used to machine a perfect weld prep and remove the tacking lay with the help of a side milling cutter and have become standard at the leading thick plate operators worldwide due to the enormous advantages this process offers. Comparing to the grouting with carbon rods and grinding, advantages are: the costs per metre welding seam can be reduced in part by more than 50 percent (shorter processing time of the seam preparation, reduction of welding material needed, reduction of welding time and a considerably lower energy consumption), the surface quality is higher and the geometry of the seam volume is more regular. Furthermore, the subsequent welding process can be automated, the working conditions are improved and the chips, which occur during the milling, can be recycled.

Clean and fast
external seams

circlular & longitudinal seams
Circular & longitudinal seam milling
Circular & longitudinal seam milling
Cutting &


MicroStep manufactures CNC machines equipped with plasma, laser, oxyfuel, waterjet and 3D mill technologies. Besides machine mechanics, MicroStep develop and supply advanced control systems for machine tools and CAM software with custom modules for various applications. In the field of plasma cutting, the company counts among the world’s largest producers.

Plasma & Oxyfuel machines

working lengths up to 50 metres
Plasma & Oxyfuel machines
Plasma & Oxyfuel machines
Plasma & oxyfuel machines
ElbowCut machines
ElbowCut machines

up to 400mm diameter
Used by some of the world’s most prestigious manufacturers
Nearly 2000 MicroStep machines operate throughout the world.

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