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With many years of experience in the metal processing and niche manufacturing industries, ProTUBE is a partner you can always rely on when innovation, high performance and cost efficiency are critical factors to your business. We advise on, supply, and install the world’s most technologically advanced manufacturing machines and accessories, along with a full range of consumables and wear items to ensure smooth and efficient operation. Our philosophy is to treat our customers like genuine partners and add value to their business. Explore the six categories above and read what our long-standing customers have to say.

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Robotic welding
Robotic welding

Client feedback

Hi Steve, I would like to thank you and ProTUBE for the support we received. We are aware that there are always some ‘teething problems’ with newly installed machinery and it is reassuring to see suppliers as yourself who take customer service serious. Thanks again. Alfred – Assistant Production Manager –
Hi Robert, I am very happy with the Stabillo Cut. I get a better finish on the aluminium parts that we make. It has cleaned my machine from the old ‘sludge’ that had built up on the doors and the cabinet. I can see the part being machined now. Tony –