Increasing tool life & performance

Metal working fluids and lubricants are often exposed to extreme conditions such as contamination, high pressure, varying temperature, diverse materials and differing water qualities. Protube Engineering offer coolants and lubricants with excellent long term stability, longer life, increased performance and special greases, always keeping in mind quality, the operator’s health and the environment.

Coolants and lubricants
lubricants &
hydraulic oils


The unique Stabillo Cut concept provides excellent long-term emulsion stability, longer tool life, best possible surface finish for additional machine performance, as well as easy operational handling for all kinds of water hardness. We aim to achieve high performance, reliability, environmentally friendly solutions for our clients and most of all, operators’ health.

Biobalanced Metalworking Fluids

Stabillo Cut 1 SW – universal metalworking fluid for all cutting operations without the addition of any biocides. Applicable for milling, turning, drilling, etc. for all materials.

Stabillo Cut 2 EP – a biocide-free metalworking fluid containing a high proportion of additives with excellent extreme pressure properties. For all cutting operations and especially for thread turning, reaming, punching and drawing of all kinds of materials including aluminium, stainless steel, high alloy and tempered steels, as well as nonferrous, heavy metals.

Stabillo Cool TM 1 – universal product for all tube milling operations with cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel and high alloy steel. This biocide free product is also suitable for all CNC metalworking operations such as grinding, drilling, turning and milling.

Biostatic Metalworking Fluids

Stabillo Cut Extreme – Semi synthetic metalworking fluid based on nanotechnology with very specific characteristics. Besides low consumption, Stabillo Cut Extreme is biostatic with good resistance to micro organisms and fungi. Has excellent flushing and cleaning properties and the product is not sticky and is re-emulsifiable with water.

Stabillo Cut Extreme EP – semi synthetic metalworking fluid based on nanotechnology with very specific characteristics, as well as extraordinary extreme pressure properties. Suitable for all cutting operations.

STRUB Stabillo Cut 005 – is a universal, user-friendly metalworking fluid with excellent lubricating properties.

STRUB Stabillo Cut ALB SW – water-soluble chlorine free metal working fluid of the newest generation for all cutting operations


Deep-hole Drilling – is a demanding drilling operation. Essential to have a metalworking fluid which does foam when under high pressure. Cooling and shaving removal must be guaranteed at all times.

Drilling – requires a metalworking fluid with extraordinary lubricating properties. The heat and the shavings have to be quickly removed in order to guarantee high tool protection.

Grinding – creates high temperatures. The metalworking fluid must have very good flushing and cooling properties for optimal performance.

Thread Cutting, Forming and Turning – are complex operations which require the balanced use of additives. This serves to increase tool life and reduces costs.

Milling – causes a lot of shavings which have to be carried away quickly. The metal working fluid must have both excellent wetting abilities and good flushing properties so that the requirements can be managed efficiently.

Comparison of products in terms of wear protection

Specific area pressure kg/cm2 load of p=1500g

Comparison in wear protection Comparison in wear protection
High-tech hydraulic oils and greases

High-Tech Slide way Oils

STRUB Vulcoway Technology – Strub offers a comprehensive range of high performance slide way oils for machine tools with horizontal and vertical slides.

  • Features:
  • Extraordinary lubrication
  • Excellent extreme pressure properties
  • Very good demulsifying properties
    adjusted to our coolants
  • Excellent oxidation stability
  • Highest corrosion protection
  • Advantages & Benefits
  • Prevents stick-slip
  • Reduced friction under harsh conditions
  • Better load carrying
  • Extends coolant life time
  • Clean system and longer oil life
  • Extends machine life time

High-Tech Hydraulic Oils

STRUB Vulcolube Technology – Strub hydraulic oils are exceptionally high quality, wide-temperature range, shear-stable with controlled thermal and mechanical load carrying abilities & maximised anti-wear protection for hydraulic systems.

  • Features:
  • Special refined synthetic base oils with highest cleanliness level (prefiltered)
  • Designed anti-wear additives, with quality booster
  • High viscosity index
  • Excellent oxidation stability
  • Outstanding corrosion protection
  • Very good air separation
  • Advantages & Benefits
  • Extended service intervals
  • Excellent filterability
  • Cleaner system
  • Reduction of wear including anti stick-slip properties for long-life protection of system
  • Wide temperature range
  • Safe protection of system
  • Extends component and oil life time
  • No internal corrosion
  • Reduction of foam and cavitation

Universal & Special Greases

Universal Grease 1900 EP 2 – a high-quality lithium soap-based grease which is widely-used within industry and possesses excellent high-pressure and wear-reducing properties.

Universal Long-Term Grease 1950 EP 2 – a synthetic grease having extraordinary adhesive and waterproof qualities.

High-tech hydraulic oils and greases

Attachments & Accessories

Protube Engineering offer a comprehensive line of attachments and accessories to maintain healthier working environments, as well as increase productivity by reducing downtimes. We supply coolant monitoring and cleaning accessories for prolonged machine and tool life, mist collectors to absorb metalworking fluids emitted into the air and chip blasters for high pressure coolant delivery to dramatically improve cycle times.

Monitoring &
Cleaning Units


Protube has a wide range of equipment to help maintain the coolants in top condition. Clean coolant has a longer life, gives better results and contributes to healthier working conditions.

Oil skimmer

Oil removal: 35 l/h


and test strip kits for regular monitoring of coolant conditions

Oil skimmer
Testing strip kits


Dosing pumps ensure accurate dosing of different oil types when filling or topping up tanks installed on traditional machines or machines with numerical control. A good dosing technique prevents premature wear of tools while contributing to the quality of the general machining produced.

Dosing pumps

Water flow range: 10 l/h - 2.5 m3/h

Integrated functions:

metering, injecting, regulating, mixing

Dosing pumps
Dosing pumps
Dosing pumps
Dosing pumps
Dosing pumps
Dosing pumps
Fire Resistant
Hydraulic Fluids
& heavy duty
Hydraulic oils


High water content (HFA) fluids are ideal for use in steel mills, underground longwall mining equipment and any other hydraulic system designed for water hydraulic equipment. Water glycol (HFC) fluids are the most widely used fire resistant hydraulic fluids. They offer outstanding price/quality and combine fire resistant properties with reasonable lubrication performance.

Fire resistant hydraulic fluids

combine the excellent fire resistant properties of water
with lubrication and corrosion protection from an additive concentrate

Fire resistant hydraulic fluids
Heavy-duty hydraulic oils

Our hydraulic oils are premium anti-wear hydraulic oils, which promote excellent cleanliness, longer fluid life, demulsibility and filtering ability. A long charge life is due to the superior quality chemical and thermal stability additive. Hydraulic oils provide excellent air release properties that minimise compressibility and prevent noisy and erratic operation of equipment.

Hydraulic Oil - Standard

A long charge life oil with excellent air release properties to minimise compressibility and prevents noisy and erratic operation of equipment. Used in hydraulic systems that call for zinc-based anti-wear oils. Works with systems with vane pumps operating at pump pressures above 1000 psi and speeds above 1200 rpm. It can also be used in other systems where wear rates are high using conventional oils. The exceptional performance of the anti-wear additives, provide a cost effective product that results in reduced equipment downtime, especially in areas of:

  • High pressure / high speed pump protection
  • Anti rust and corrosion
  • Thermal and oxidative stability
  • Filterability

Specifications: ISO032, ISO46, ISO68

Hydraulic Oil - Hi-Temp

A high viscosity index hydraulic oil designed for use in hydraulic systems that are subject to wide variations in ambient and operating temperature. A long charge life oil, with special additives ensure ultra fine filters and close tolerance spool valves are kept operational. Excellent air release properties minimise compressibility and prevents noisy and erratic operation of equipment. Used in hydraulic systems calling for ISO grade anti-wear oil, subjected to temperature extremes. It can also be used in other systems where wear rates are high using conventional oils.

Specifications: ISO32, ISO46, ISO68
Grades: HVI32, HVI46, HVI68

Hydraulic Oil - Biodegradable

Specifications: ISO32, ISO46, ISO68

Mist Collection


The MistBuster range are mist collectors designed to capture and clean mist and smoke from metalworking applications in industry. Patented technology insures high efficiency with no disposable filters in a compact machine mounted package. A variety of mounting options on these mist collectors allow for maximum versatility. Advances in modern CNC machines have increased productivity and increased the need for better lubrication in order to keep up with the faster spindle speeds. These advances have also led to an increase in metalworking fluids being generated and emitted into the air. These airborne fluids can pose a serious health threat to the employees in the metal working industry, so mist extraction becomes important.


Mist Collectors – Oil Mist Eliminators

Protube offer a comprehensive line of mist collection equipment. As an example, the MistBuster 500 is a mist collector designed specifically for the filtration of coolants, oil mist and smoke from modern machine tools. It is a compact, high efficiency machining oil and mist eliminator designed to be mounted or ducted directly to machine tools. Compact and lightweight but with high efficiency air filtration and fits the vast majority of CNC machine tool applications.

Mist collection devices
Mist collection devices

Efficient filtering

up to 97.8% on all submicron particles

High Pressure
Cooling Units


We offer high quality, high pressure coolant systems. Through extensive testing, we have gained the technical expertise to provide you with longer tool life, longer coolant life, superior chip control, more part throughput and faster cutting speeds. These advantages commonly show a significant reduction in the payback period on new machine tool equipment, tooling, services and filtration products.

64 holes in 60 seconds

6 holes in one minute without

High pressure cooling units
High pressure cooling units
High pressure cooling units
High pressure cooling units
High pressure cooling units


Transfer Pump – is used as a return from the machine tool sump to our high pressure system.

Tramp Oil Skimmer – the most cost effective and simple method of tramp oil removal mounted on a coolant reservoir that continually draws off tramp oils.

Dual Filters – for high production facilities that need dual filters. Dual filters come with manually readable gauges that tell when the filter is full. They are also connected electronically with an alarm light to notify the operator when the filter is full. This option reduces down time because the machine can stay running while you change the filter.

Auto Filter Crossover – this system will automatically switch from dirty filter "a" to filter "b" and set off an alarm light alerting the operator that the filter needs to be changed. When purchased with dual filters the auto crossover allows for extended time that the filters do not have to be tended to, meaning regularly scheduled filter maintenance can be carried out.

Magnetic Separation – designed for heavy swarf removal in material like cast iron the magnetic separator removes 90% of all ferrous particles over 25 micron. Filthy coolant associated with such materials is no longer a problem with the magnetic separator and ChipBLASTER filtration.

Additional Outlets – are available for multi spindle mills, etc.

Client feedback

Thanks for the summary and good to see that the extra effort we have been putting into the monitoring of the coolant has resulted in cost reductions. Senior Production Engineer –
I spoke with Strub about the coolant issue. I learnt more about coolants, how they work, problem solving and safe handling and health hazards from them in 15 min than from anyone else. Well worth the time. Production Co-ordinator –
The coolant is performing really well. The boys are liking the deburrer too. Supervisor –